Q.  In a couple of sentences tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am currently a full-time athlete training in Sports Wales National Centre with the Welsh Judo Team. Along with this I am completing my masters at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Sports Management and Leadership, whilst working part time as a learning support in a Welsh medium school.

Q.  How did you first get into judo?

I started judo in primary school as a way to burn energy and to gain self -confidence, as I used to be very shy and timid. 

Q.  How does judo contribute to the rest of your life and make you a better person?

Judo has helped me gain a lot of self-confidence over the years. Not only that but I have gained so many valuable experiences including travelling and competing for my country. I have met so many like-minded people who are some of my strongest relationships.  Judo has opened many opportunities for me in education allowing me to access scholarships and support at university, whilst giving me so much contextual background in sport. 

Q.  What are your passions or hobbies outside of judo and how do you think judo helps in those areas / vice versa?

In my spare time I enjoy being active, so I try to go for walks or to do physical activities (like yoga or visiting centres) with friends. Judo has helped this as my friends are interested in the same things as me and we can do things like this together, helping to maintain strong relationships. 

Q.  Who is your greatest sporting role model and why?

I am a great fan of Simone Biles the American Gymnast. I really like how she strives for success; searching for the ‘Perfect 10’ and is a constant fierce performer and athlete. 

Q.  Where can we see you competing this year? Any main goals you would be willing to share?

This year my main focus will be on technical development and to do this I will be competing in a few European Cups and some domestic events before finishing the year with British Trials. 

Q.   What is one piece of advice would you give the next generation of judoka?

As much as I love judo, it will not fund your life. Be mindful of your education and use judo as an opportunity to access more benefits not to excuse yourself from it. 

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