Iconic Rainbow Laces have become a symbol of inclusion across sport and fitness.  

Over a million of you have already worn the laces in support of LGBTQ+ inclusion. Now, we're asking everyone to Lace Up and Speak Up and start the conversations we need to have to make sport everyone's game.

This year, Rainbow Laces Day is Wednesday 8 December.

Sport and physical activity can bring so many benefits to our lives – not just in terms of our wellbeing, but also in the ways they bring people together. People from all walks of life can gain a sense of belonging and community through shared passion. And LGBTQ+ people deserve to be a part of this. We shouldn’t feel excluded or shut out just because of who we are. 

Rainbow Laces have brought visibility for LGBTQ+ people in sport and awareness around our experiences. Today, more than a million people have laced up, and two thirds of sport fans who’ve seen the campaign believe they have a responsibility to stand in solidarity for LGBTQ+ fans of the teams and sports they follow. However, the numbers show there is still much to do.

20%of sport fans think anti-LGBTQ+ language is harmless if it’s just meant as banter 

(ICM for Stonewall, 2020).

43%of LGBTQ+ people think public sporting events aren’t a welcoming space for them. 

(YouGov for Stonewall, 2017)

33%of LGBTQ+ people who participate or follow sport are not out to anyone in their sporting life 

(Out in Sport, 2019)

Lace Up and Speak Up.

Visibility is important, but it alone is not enough. That’s why we’re evolving our Rainbow Laces from a symbol of inclusion to one of commitment.  

Countless individuals, grassroots organisations, and sports clubs are already creating space for LGBTQ+ people and offering safety, security, and opportunity for those in our community. But we’re always strongest when we work together and uplift one another. 

So let’s Lace Up and Speak Up. You can help drive meaningful change by starting conversations with those around you, and setting out clear commitments to making sports and fitness more welcoming for LGBTQ+ people. Why not take action today? 


Stonewall Cymru

Pride Sports UK

Sports Media LGBT+

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