WJD 2021: Solidarity

The great annual educational gathering of the judo family, based on judo values, is approaching. On 28th October 2021, millions of judoka across the planet will meet physically and or digitally, to celebrate World Judo Day 2021. This year it is the theme of 'SOLIDARITY' which has been chosen and which will guide all the actions that will be carried out.

For months all of humanity has been suffering under the blows of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each epidemic wave seems to be the last, yet, inexorably, it calls for another one and another one...

Despite the hardships, despite the loved ones whom have been taken away, those we constantly think about, the judo family has never been so united to overcome these trials and has proven it in the most beautiful way possible during the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As if catastrophe weren't enough, the world has been faced with other destructive plagues; political crises which threw thousands of refugees on the roads and climatic crises which endangered the very nature of life, continued to swarm over our heads.

Yet all is not gloomy and there are many reasons to hope and dream. Celebrating solidarity between peoples at the very heart of our societies, beyond differences, is part of this hope that the judo community is keen to promote.

In 2020, we celebrated WJD around the theme 'Together we are stronger.’ What better theme to complete this than that of solidarity; a solidarity that we want active and real. Just like the moral code of judo, talking about solidarity is not enough, it’s not just about words.

The involvement of the International Judo Federation and many national federations, as well as continental unions, in projects such as Judo for Peace, Judo for Refugees, Judo for Children, Judo for All and more, illustrates this desire to say and do, so that Jigoro Kano Shihan's dream of creating a more just society does not remain a utopia.

With the notion of solidarity, it is important to associate those of altruism, generosity and charity. Alone we cannot do much, but together it becomes possible to overthrow mountains.

In difficult times like the ones we are going through, sticking together, supporting each other and helping each other, take on a new dimension.

On 28th October 28 2021, we will celebrate the ability of the judo family to come together around its values and its ability to share them with as many people as possible.

Tell us about your solidarity projects. Tell us what this means to you and send your images to offiec@welshjudo.com so that we can share them with as many people as possible.

Use the following hashtags on your social media: #WJD #WJD2021 #SolidarityJudo #judoand tag Welsh Judo and International Judo Federation on your posts.

Often solidarity is limited within a group, between its members. Some would even like to reduce it to an inter-self that does not correspond to what judo teaches us. In judo, we are committed to acting together as far as our capacities for action allow. To speak and act in solidarity is to be open to others, it is to have a philosophical and humanist approach to society, it is to give in order to receive better and thus to maintain a virtuous circle beneficial for all.

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