Welsh Judo working towards important milestone in Equality

Welsh Judo has achieved both the Foundation and Preliminary level of the Equality Standard in Sport. This is a significant achievement for Welsh Judo as it formally recognises our drive to embed equality in the development of our Organisation and in the development and delivery of our services.

Our Work in Equality

Welsh Judo subscribes to the principles of equality of opportunity and strives to ensure that anyone participating in judo is able to do so in a discrimination-free environment. We believe that everyone is entitled to be treated fairly regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, parental or marital status, disability, religion, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, or socio/economic background.

Welsh Judo aligns itself with the principles of inclusivity and equality by adopting the British Judo Equality and Diversity Policy. This commitment reflects our dedication to fostering an environment that values diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all participants, practitioners, and stakeholders within the realm of judo. By embracing the established policy, Welsh Judo aims to create a supportive and inclusive community, where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed, respected, and able to thrive in their judo journey.

Please visit our resources page to view the British Judo Equality and Diversity policy.

In our commitment to a progressive approach to inclusion in judo, we’ve transitioned from the UK Equality Standard framework to the Moving to Inclusion Framework. This dynamic programme, shaped through sector-wide consultation, guides organisations towards inclusive practices, emphasising embedding equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) into core functions.

As part of our work, Welsh Judo has created an Equality Working Group. This group has been driving forward equality work across the whole Organisation since 2016, with a main focus on breaking down barriers to participation in judo, especially considering under-represented groups. The group now acts as a task and finish forum which works to develop effective structures, processes and delivery across the organisation.

To find out more about the Moving to Inclusion Framework visit the Moving to Inclusion website.

Board Diversity Statement

Welsh Judo are committed to increasing the diversity of its Board. We feel that greater diversity of backgrounds, experiences and ideas from people from under-represented groups will help we deliver on our mission.

To better represent the diverse nation we serve and increase the effectiveness of our decision making, we want to attract and particularly encourage applications from women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, black, Asian and minority ethnic candidates, neuro-diverse and socially mobile candidates.