As the Governing Body for judo in Wales, we are dedicated to delivering a performance programme that cultivates athletes with the potential to achieve to transition into the British Judo Centre of Excellence.

Our priority is to create a pathway from Welsh Judo clubs to the British Judo Centre of Excellence (CofE), ensuring that Welsh athletes possess the mental, physical, technical, and tactical abilities to excel at the highest level. We strive to support our athletes in transitioning to the British Judo Centre of Excellence, where they can access top-notch training facilities, coaching expertise, and resources.

We recognise that sustainable Olympic and Commonwealth success for Welsh athletes requires an integrated, systematic approach to talent development. With our limited resources, we must focus our efforts where they can have the most significant impact.

Our Athlete Award Funding is designed to provide support to Welsh athletes on the performance pathway. These funding packages are tailored to help athletes improve their performances and transition into the GB World Class Performance Programme, opening doors to even greater opportunities.

Our Athlete Award Funding strategy aims to provide financial assistance and support to Welsh athletes on their journey towards success. These funding packages have been carefully designed to assist athletes in achieving better performances and facilitate their transition into the British Judo Centre of Excellence.

The Athlete Award Funding includes various types of support, such as:

  1. Financial assistance: We provide financial resources to help cover training expenses, competition costs, and other judo-related needs. This support aims to alleviate the financial burden on athletes, allowing them to focus on their training and performance.
  2. Performance development programs: We offer specialized programs and resources to enhance athletes’ skills, techniques, and overall performance. These programs are tailored to address the specific needs of each athlete and provide them with the tools to excel in their judo journey.
  3. Transition support: We facilitate the transition of promising athletes to the British Judo Centre of Excellence, where they can access world-class training facilities, coaching expertise, and a supportive environment. This transition opens doors to further training opportunities, international competitions, and elite coaching.

Through the Athlete Award Funding, we aim to create a solid support system that empowers Welsh athletes to reach their full potential and excel on the performance pathway. By investing in their development, we strive to strengthen the presence of Welsh judo at both national and international levels.

To learn more about the Athlete Award Funding and its application process, please see below: