It was a busy and very successful year of Dan Gradings. Across four Welsh National Dan Gradings 21 judoka were promoted to black belt.

In that group, Holly Devall became the first female to win her Dan Grade in the National Dojo.  A further 6 judoka won Second Dan’s, with four on line ups, including Lee Dredge, Ian Dredge, Joshua Whitehouse and Jamie Morgan. Rob Thompson and Kenneth Harris collected the 100 points needed for promotion. 

Jamie Morgan at the December Grading, completed the competitive requirements for third Dan and will wait for time in grade to lapse. The 2nd and 3rd Dan promotions were the first to happen in the National Dojo. 

September saw the busiest Grading of the year, which saw a total of 34 on the tatami, making it the biggest promotion event held in the Nation Dojo. 

Diolch to Steve Withers, the Senior Examiners team, Andrew Burt, Nigel Bowley, Damion McGarvie, Kieron Palmer and Stan Cantrill for all of your hard work.

Photography from the Dan Gradings by Doug Willetts can be found here.

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