In the second of our Talent Cymru Athlete check-ins, Steph Walker, 22, shares how she has adjusted to life in lockdown.

Steph first got in to Judo at 5 years, when her dad and auntie took her along to the local club in Swindon and she's loved the sport ever since. This will be her sixth year on the Welsh Programme.

Where have you been based during lockdown and how have restrictions affected your training?  

SW: During Lockdown I have been based in Cardiff, the restrictions have affected Judo training more than other aspects of training. Lockdown has meant I can focus on other aspects of my training more, like strength and conditioning.

How have you stayed motivated & focused during this time? 

SW: During this time I have stayed motivated by thinking about the future goals I have for myself. I have also stayed motivated by having my coaches, sports wales team and team mates to talk to and keep me on track. During lockdown we have been doing testing in our S&C and that has helped to motivate me to do better each time.

Has there been anything new that you have incorporated into your training and routine due to restrictions that you will continue with in the future? 

SW: I have been doing a core session before every S&C session, I will continue to do this as having a strong core is really helpful in Judo! 

What have you been focusing on in the past few months, outside of the dojo? 

SW: Outside of the dojo I have been focusing on passing my scuba diving theory and studying. I have also been focusing on achieving my lockdown goal of running a 10k.

Have there been any positives which you can take from the past two months which you feel has benefited you in the long term, both in sport and outside of sport? 

SW: Over the last two months it has given me the opportunity to think about balancing life and Judo better so I can give myself the best opportunities both in work and Judo. Also it has given me time to focus on the smaller things to really help me when I get back to Judo training, I have been able to focus on getting stronger and fitter.

What excites you most about returning to normal routine? 

SW: Being able to get back to a normal routine excites me because I will be able to see my friends on a daily basis again, also being able to train hard again ready to prepare myself for competitions in the future. Also being able to go in to the gym and the Dojo for training will give me the opportunity to be with my coaches again.

And finally, what has been your biggest lockdown Nexflix binge?

SW: I' ve watched a couple of things during lockdown at the start I binged watched Death in paradise (again!) and now I’m binge watching Jane the Virgin!

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