In celebration of St Dwynwen's Day: Patron Saint of Lovers, we reflect on some of the reasons we love judo.

Judo is a way of life, building so many strengths within because it is not easy. But when challenges come along, both on or off the tatami, we gain the most growth within.

Practicing judo equips us with many tools and skills that we will use in our regular everyday lives. One will learn respect, gain confidence, develop a solid work ethic, know how to set goals and achieve them. It teaches commitment, discipline, coordination, balance, drive, grit, communication, team work, inner calm and focus. 

Judo provides the space to listen, to persevere, to be persistent, how to lead, be compassionate, and how to never give up when things get hard. It shows us how to handle defeat and winning, learning to give back and be present in the moment. 

For children, practicing a Martial Art like judo can serve as a valuable moral code to guide them through life. Young judoka learn to be more respectful and helpful at home, how to do better in school and often get into less trouble. Judo can help children to develop strength, self esteem, and confidence, how to make better choices, the importance of setting goals, and how to be challenged outside ones comfort zone. 

Those who find judo later in life often find trying something new and fun to learn a great way to stay active, be more healthy, staying motivated and committed, a wonderful stress reliever,  and to keep our bodies strong as you age.

Having pride in learning a martial art that is building growth within is a valuable tool in becoming a more well rounded human being, whatever age we find judo.

Why do you love judo?

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