Welsh Judo have received the following from Welsh Sports Association. Please note the significant change to the under 18 regulation. 

Welsh Government have made a significant change and clarification to the FAQs on sport, see here for the webpage https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance#section-46351 (you may need to do a hard refresh (ctrl+f5) to see the new content).

Overall, these changes mean the following:

Anyone can play sport or exercise in a group of up to 30 people outdoors or 15 people indoors, if this is part of an organised activity managed for example by a gym, a leisure centre, or a sports club. Limited breaches of physical distancing outdoors are possible where this is risk assessed and mitigated. 

Coaches and match officials would generally be regarded as participants so the limit of 30 or 15 should include them. However, anybody who is there to organise or support the activity, if they are working or providing a voluntary service, can also attend and do not need to be considered within the limit of 30 or 15.  Children aged under 11 are also excluded from the maximum number in the gathering.

Unlimited numbers of children under the age of 18 can gather if the purpose is for the development or well-being of children and the number who can be involved is constrained only by the boundaries of the setting and the need for sufficient adults to be present to facilitate and supervise the activity. In practical terms, gatherings for those under 18 for sport are only limited by the number of adults who must be present (which cannot be more than 30 outdoors/15 indoors) and available space for safe physical distancing. 

The clarification means that organised activity involving players 18 or older will have somewhat tighter restrictions on participants, however, sport for under 18s will have significantly increased capacity and opportunities.

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