Royal Marines and Royal Navy judoka joined forces with judoka in Wales for the National Randori Session last night, establishing a partnership aimed at strengthening bonds and fostering collaboration. This alliance seeks to enhance judo development and cultivate a stronger relationship between the Armed Forces and the Welsh Judo Association.

During the training session, Armed Forces judoka and Welsh judoka members engaged in shared Randori practice. This collaboration promoted the exchange of techniques and insights, fostering unity and a collective sense of purpose among all participants.

The integration of Armed Forces judoka with the Welsh Judo Association is more than just an effort to enhance individual skills. It signifies a joint commitment to excellence and mutual growth, showcasing the shared values of discipline, teamwork, and respect that underpin both institutions.

All green belt & born 2006 + are welcome to come along every Tuesday 7 pm - 8.30 pm at the National Dojo in Cardiff.

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