Time to take on the Uchi Komi Challenge!

During this period of National Lockdown, where we are revisiting the tightest of restrictions, many of us have been generally feeling a bit flat. Therefore, it is really important that throughout this time we stay both active and connected with our judo community.

Introducing the Uchi Komi Challenge!

How it works....

Complete 1000 uchi Komi in 10 days!

  • You can do 100 reps a day for 10 days
  • You can do them all in one go
  • You can do them in sets of 10 or 20 
  • Use a partner or bands or solo 
  • Record the Uchi Komi on the sheet

Take a photo / video and tag @Welsh_Judo and Coach Stephen Abberley on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or email them to gina.paletta@welshjudo or stephen.abberley@welshjudo.com

Coaches, let’s get your players involved! 

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