On the 28th October our judo community will celebrate World Judo Day 2020. This year the theme is STRONGER TOGETHER, which is a pledge to spread our values when the world needs it most. 

The idea behind the 2020 theme is to show how the written word can be translated into acts to bring our judo community together and show our unity in the face of the global health crisis that we are all experiencing, while also continuing to acknowledge and combat issues such as racism and discrimination which threaten our societies. 

While we aren't able to celebrate in person, we can still celebrate together, wherever we are. Here’s what we would like you to do:

- Put on your judogi

- Grab a Welsh flag/ something Welsh themed

- SMILE and take a photo

- Share your photo to social media telling us what #StrongerTogether means to you

Don’t forget to mention Welsh Judo and International Judo Federation.

Together we are stronger.

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