This year, Rainbow Laces season kicks off between 19-31 October, with Rainbow Laces Day on 26 October. 

it’s time to Lace Up and Keep It Up.

For almost ten years, Rainbow Laces has brought visibility for LGBTQ+ people in sport and raised awareness of our experiences on and off the pitch. And in the past year, we’ve seen so much progress made, with several athletes bravely coming out across multiple sports, with support from their clubs and the vast majority of fans. But there is still much to do.

Sport can bring so many benefits to our lives – not just in terms of wellbeing, but also in the ways sport brings people together. People from all walks of life can gain a sense of belonging and community through shared passion. LGBTQ+ people deserve to be a part of this. We shouldn’t feel excluded or shut out just because of who we are.

Inclusion has no off-season

Whether you’re a sports fan, a committed gym-goer, or part of your local community sport club, it’s important that we all keep up our efforts to make sport everyone’s game year-round.

You can make a difference just by starting conversations with those around you, calling out anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment when you hear it, and raising awareness of the stigma and discrimination that LGBTQ+ people in sport still face.

Countless individuals, grassroots organisations, and sports clubs are already lacing up to keep up their work for sports inclusion. We know we’re always strongest when we stand together – so join us in keeping it up.

Help drive meaningful change by starting conversations with those around you, and setting out clear commitments to making sports and fitness more welcoming for LGBTQ+ people. Take action today!


Stonewall Cymru

Pride Sports UK

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