During half-term Welsh Judo hosted it’s first This Is Judo Winner Stays On Challenge for Pre-Cadet & Cadet judoka. The Winner Stays On Challenge was a new concept whereby groups of judoka took part in three different stages of varying rule sets, each challenge allowed judoka themselves to push themselves to develop in fundamental skills of judo. The first challenge was winner stays on by any score whereby the judoka would be have 10 minutes to score as many times in tachi-waza and remain fighting out to fight the next opponent. The second challenge was tachi-waza with ippon score only and finally the third challenge was the ne-waza challenge.

Pathway coach, Stephen Abberley said “Each judoka that took on the challenge found not only was it an exciting and fun experience, it helped them identify areas of their judo they want to improve. The judoka took on the challenge different to standard rules competition as they looked to open up with positive judo and not avoiding the score.”

The next This Is Judo Winner Stays On Challenge will be hosted at the end of 2022.

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