Not only does she usually train full-time at the Sport Wales National Centre, but Talent Cymru athlete Gwenllian Northall, 23,  is also undertaking her Sports Management and Leadership Masters degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University as well as working part-time as a learning support in a Welsh medium school. She tells us how life is looking a little different at the moment…

Where have you been based during lockdown and how have restrictions affected your training?  

GN: During lockdown I made the decision to move home to be with family. The main restrictions affecting my training have been lack of equipment, but this has been supported really well by our team of practitioners.

How have you stayed motivated & focused during this time? 

GN: Still having university work to has helped me keep a routine and kept me focused on a task so that when I make time to train or do something I’m happy for the break. 

Has there been anything new that you have incorporated into your training and routine due to restrictions that you will continue with in the future? 

GN: Although we previously did yoga as a team, trying to do more sessions on my own has proven valuable and is something I would definitely like to keep in my programme. 

What have you been focusing on in the past few months, outside of the dojo? 

GN: Being away from the Dojo has allowed me to focus extra time and energy in to completing my Masters degree. It’s nice to know that by the end of lockdown hopefully I will only have my dissertation left to complete.  I’m very happy that this will put me in a good place to put more focus and time into my training upon return and I will be able to reap the benefits of this. 

What excites you most about returning to normal routine? 

GN: I’m really looking forward to being back in training, being surrounded by such a great team of practitioners and coaches. Through Lockdown as a team we have  all now shared this experience and it can help us to bond and improve our cohesion and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this will happen. 

And finally, what has been your biggest lockdown Nexflix binge?

GN: I’ve watched so much, but I’ve definitely spent most of my time re-watching gossip girl and Gilmore girls! Two of my favourites 

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